Our Story

EST. 2017

 Local sunflowers on flower truck in Springfield, MO

     One of my favorite experiences from living in Spain for a semester in college was walking past little open-air markets and flower stands on my way home. You could grab just a few stems or a whole bouquet along the sidewalks. Having grown up in Springfield and moving back after college, I knew I wanted to bring a small piece of my European travels to Springfield. That’s where Stella, my 1970 Volkswagen Truck, comes in! Stella enjoys parking in front of our favorite local businesses throughout the Queen City – sometimes getting so excited to meet new customers she breaks down on the side of the road and starts selling there! Whether you’re grabbing flowers on your way to a friend’s house or just wanting to brighten your home, Stella and I dream of bringing that “big city” feeling to Springfield making fresh cut flowers more accessible and spontaneous for the Ozarks.


Truck Operations Manager

Favorite Flower: Currently the Stock Flower!

What I love about the flower truck is getting to have conversations with every person who comes to build a bouquet. Also, the smells.

I am a student at MSU and my major is a fine arts degree with an emphasis in painting. I love me a good iced chai and I am very much a dog person!



Flower Trucker

Favorite Flower: Taking it back to my roots, I love the Plumeria Flower.

Favorite thing I love about Stella is that she brings in the best flowers and the best customers.

I also have a second job working at a non-for-profit after school program for kids who live in at-risk neighborhoods. I'm a small island girl who was born and raised in Springfield, MO, and anything that involves food...I'm your girl!