Flower Care

Thanks for the flowers! Now what?

  • Fill that vase with fresh, cold water and add that flower food you brought home from the truck! Flowers love fresh water, so be kind to your new friends and change it every day.


  • Every few days you can give those stems a fresh cut at about a 45 degree angle. You only have to cut a little bit to keep them happy!


  • Place them in a location where they can be the star of the show! Keep em out of direct sunlight, they’re bright enough!


***Bonus Tip! Some varieties of flowers last longer than others, and we're all about having lots of variety in our bouquets. So when you notice one flower has decided it’s had enough, go ahead and pluck it out of the arrangement to keep bacteria from spreading to the other blooms!


  • Last but not least, snap a pic and share it with us on the ‘gram! We love seeing all of the unique arrangements you create! #ozarkmtnflowertruck #OMFT


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