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Now that Summer has officially arrived in Springfield, MO I thought it would be a great time to give you a glimpse of the flowers we have growing in our cutting garden and some of the behind the scenes that goes into the gardening fun. A lot of work goes into a cutting garden, but it is by far my favorite "chore." The planning and seed buying starts in the fall and winter and then you wait. And wait. And then the ground thaws and you finally get to plant! And then Missouri throws a late freeze. And a late snow. And after a lot of covering and uncovering to help the little seedlings make it through the wild Spring Missouri is infamous for, we finally have some flowers to show for all of the work. They were worth the wait. Without further ado, introducing the blooms that will be filling your Bouquets of the Day and the buckets on our beloved Flower Truck, Stella. 

Bachelor Buttons

Also known as cornflowers. This was our first to bloom in the garden and the bees are loving them just as much as we are! They're bright blue, almost indigo, and add a fun whimsical touch to the bouquets. Word on the street is they're edible, but I haven't tried them yet. If you have, let me know! Take a look at the progression from seed to flower:

Bachelor Button seed for Ozark Mtn Flower Truck Ozark Mtn Flower Truck bachelor button seedling  bachelor button local flower bouquet Springfield, MO



Calendula. A weird looking seed, but super cute flower! It's got a sticky stem, but the bright orange petals make up for the mess. Another flower that's edible. Neat! These have provided a pretty sweet contrast against the bright blue of the bachelor buttons in the bouquets

  Locally grown Spring Flower Bouquet


We'll be updating you here as the season progresses, but we share lots of sneek peeks, as well as where to find our truck on Instagram @ozarkmtnflowertruck  and Facebook @ozarkmtnflowertruck. As always you can grab a flower delivery for Springfield, MO and the surrounding area Monday through Friday by ordering a Bouquet of the Day. We also offer bouquet subscriptions for 3, 6, or 12 months for some pretty easy local gift giving. Thanks for following along!


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  • Hi I’m looking for fresh lavender and possibly some eucalyptus to decorate for my sons engagement party on Sept 24. Can you let me know if you have any. Also I would love to cut my own flowers can you tell me how I do that? Thank you

    Catherine Kutzner

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