After a few weeks of bachelor button and calendula harvesting along came the cosmos! Cosmos can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I took a couple of seasons off from growing them because of how delicate they are, but I just couldn't resist this year. It's nice to have something to grab from the garden that adds a little movement to a bouquet or arrangement. 

Cosmos Springfield, MO Slow Flowers Springfield, MO

Cosmos are a "tender annual" meaning, just like me, they really don't like the cold. Without a greenhouse or some sort of protection from the elements it's best to wait until after the last frost to plant them outside. I love experimenting, though, so this year I gambled and planted them the first week of March. When the temps dipped below freezing I covered the seedlings with frost cloth and held my breath. All but a few survived. Success! Now we're getting to enjoy cosmos earlier than ever before. 

Locally Grown Cosmo Springfield, MO Locally grown flower

The first cosmos to bloom for us were Bright Lights and Apricot Lemonade. We will have a few more colors and varieties as the temps get hot. By a few more, I mean a lot. I may or may not have planted an entire 45' row in cosmos...     

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