Puppy Gram: Valentine's Day Bouquet Delivered with a Puppy!

Puppy Gram: Valentine's Day Bouquet Delivered with a Puppy!

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Valentine's Day Bouquet Delivered by a Humane Society of Southwest MO Puppy.

PUPPY GRAMS! Who wouldn't want their Valentine's Day Bouquet delivered by a cute, fluffy, adoptable puppy?! Did we mention there's a puppy? And flowers! Each Puppy Gram ordered donates $20 to the Human Society of Southwest MO. 

Valentine's Day is Monday, February 14th and these deliveries are only offered on Monday, February 14th.

These Puppy Grams are available for Springfield, MO city limits only so that we can insure optimal cuddle time. Your Valentine will get 10 glorious minutes of puppy love along with their fun, cheerful, flower bouquet to enjoy long after their new adoptable friend leaves.

If you're in the Springfield, MO city limits, just type in your zip code to see if we deliver to your one and only! You can choose which size of bouquet to send your sweetheart from the dropdown menu. 

These Valentine's Day bouquets will be delivered between 8 and 5 on Monday, February 14th so please take a moment to double check the delivery address is correct for where the lucky Valentine will be the day that you choose from the calendar. There is an option to add a love note as well as any special delivery instructions such as: "leaves before 3," "gate code: 1234," "this is a school," etc.